The smell.

Again. Do you smell what the ROCK is cooking? Cause I do, and it stinks. Maybe there’s a reason we say, it stinks to high hell? Because it does. And it’s getting worse.

We don’t have to wonder if something about this stinks, because you can smell it in the air. And if you haven’t yet, I pretty much guarantee that you will at some point.

Let’s look at some thus far coincidental timing. This article was written on May 7th 2020 about the Red Tides off California.

There’s some good news, though.

“The end is near!” Dr. Michael Latz of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego posted on the institution’s website this week.

Perfect. That’s great! Thank God the Covid-19 lockdown is ending at almost the exact same time. May 1st America start to reopen, May 7th an article about decreasing red tides.

But other states have already started to open. Yes they have. You’re right. And guess what? Those states are all further inland, away from large sources of water. What a coincidence, right? It’s also just a coincidence that Wuhan happens to be on the coast too, right? And they had a massive Sulfur cloud just as the virus broke out, right? What a strange bunch of coincidences. They happen all the time though, nothing to worry about.

Or is there?

The odor is caused by a large red tide that was first observed at a mooring off the Scripps Pier on March 25.

Holy crap! Red tide with a rotten egg smell that can kill you! As if we needed to have a national emergency because of a pandemic at the same time!

March 13, 2020: Trump declares national emergency. President Donald Trump declares a U.S. national emergency, which he says will open up $50 billion in federal funding to fight COVID-19.

Remember, they say red tide was first observed. There’s a big difference between first observed and when it became known. Words matter. This is how they work. This is how they stay in power, half truths and misdirection, with a lot of distraction.

They don’t have to hide the truth if nobody knows how to find the truth.

Feb. 26, 2020: 1st case of suspected local transmission in United States The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms the first case of COVID-19 in a patient in California with no travel history to an outbreak area nor contact with anyone diagnosed with the virus. 

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Let me give you some advice, the truth is written in braille and you have to connect the dots!

The first death was in California a month into the red tide. The patient had NO travel history or contact with ANYONE diagnosed with the virus.

Do you need more details that all is not normal in our new normal?

Sure. Ok. Maybe it just wasn’t known. Possible. It is. But there are tons of cases that can’t be linked. Why are the outbreaks less severe the further inland you go? Does the virus suddenly become less viral? Or is it because they are further away from big bodies of water? Is this why the rest of China wasnt hit as hard as the coasts?

Covid-19 isn’t what you’ve been told it is. Not by a long shot. It took me a while to understand the true design of the virus, because they are masters of strategy and their counter intelligence game plan is strong.

How strong? Very. Because while this is happening everyone is arguing over left and right politics, with each side calling the other fascists, while they have a full fleged race riot and burn down their own cities.

Seriously? Yes, seriously. And if it wasn’t so deadly serious to stop fighting and start thinking I would remind you that occupy wall street was crushed just before Eric Garner was killed while saying, I can’t breathe. But if toxic gasses keep seeping into our atmosphere we’re all going to be screaming I CAN’T BREATHE with them.

This week, however, the dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedra, which is a form of plankton, is “breaking down” and creates that sulferous odor and foam, “indicating the breakdown of protein and other organic material,” Latz wrote in an update on the institution site yesterday. Adding insult to injury, “the breakdown of the red tide by microbes results in low oxygen conditions” that contribute to fish kills at lagoons, harbors and some beaches, adding to the odor’s strength.

“This one is very stinky,” Latz said. “I live a mile-and-a-half away from the ocean; I’m smelling it here. That’s a pretty strong odor. For the flow-through aquariums [at the institution], it’s been a challenge to maintain water quality because the organisms get past the filter.”

Stinky. Odor. Smelling it. Those are pretty innocent words aren’t they? Remember, words matter. What do these words sound like? Mommy, I did a stinky. Or, something smells funny.

But let’s see what scientists actually call this toxic bloom in our waters, shall we?

(HABS- Harmful Algal Blooms)

These events are known as harmful algal blooms, because the pose a threat to public health. Cyanotoxins are unstable and change rapidly, making detection difficult. Some harm the nervous system. Others, known as hepatotoxins, can severely damage the liver and kidney. HABs can occur in marine or freshwater environments, closing fisheries, beaches and even entire lakes.

Evidence is mounting that HABs are increasing in both frequency and intensity. Drought conditions brought on by climate change can depress lake levels, concentrating nutrient-rich agricultural runoff in areas of low turbidity. Torrential rainfall can also trigger a sudden influx of agricultural nutrients, as occurred in Florida’s Lake Okeechobee this year, where a HAB flowed seaward, forcing beaches to close. Blooms containing the most common type of harmful cyanotoxin—microcystin—struck the Mormon Reservoir in Idaho, several lakes in Montgomery County in Maryland and Bonney Lake in Washington. In the latter case, a dozen swimmers became ill after swimming in the HAB.

However, events in Toledo and elsewhere have affected a great many people, illustrating the potential harm of HABs.

So, the hydrogen sulfide with a rotten egg smell can flow inland off the red tide in the water. It’s increasing. It’s seeping into our drinking water. Rotten egg smell is being reported everywhere, even in our water supply (it’s getting worse). People are getting sick.

Perfect! So what’s everyone want to drink tonight?

Go find the videos about red waters. It’s happening everywhere. It’s happening in Russian city of Norilsk, and in this Russian river, over in Sydney, Australia, also over in the Great Ayatollah’s Iran, it’s destroying the economy and costing you money, and it’s even killing your best friend, yes folks, it’s killing your dogs.

This is everywhere! This is starting to kill us. This isn’t some politely phrased vague terminology like Global Warming (Hey, sweet, less snow and more summer, sign me up), or Climate Change (Hey, this whole planet Climate Change has happened since the beginning of time), or man made Abrupt Climate Change (Hey, that man made storm came out of nowhere, good thing I brought my raincoat), no guys and girls, they used this terminology on purpose. They don’t want you challenging the status quo so they make it sound less threatening. They want to blame you so you don’t blame them when more of us figure how deadly serious this is.

At this point it doesn’t matter why it’s happening, the only thing that matters is if it can be stopped. Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions. This is what we have to demand. Solutions. By any means necessary. Solutions for us, because trust me, they already have back up plans for themselves.

Isn’t the seed vault a back up plan? What about all the Doomsday Vaults built by the Oligarchs and Technocrats so conveniently all at the same time a few years ago? Or this massive interest in suddenly attempting to go to Mars?

Connect the dots, they won’t spell it out for you.

I’m trying my best to give you the proof you need to alert/warn others, but there are so many peices that it makes it impossible to show in a single post. But look up rotten egg smell on Reddit! Tons of people are complaining about it. People have posted replies in the comments about it. This is real. This is happening. And unfortunately, it looks like it’s getting worse.

I will be showing you how those sinkholes tie into the hydrogen sulfide bacteria overgrowth, and what I’m guessing about Covid-19 and how we do have proof that it’s not what it seems to back up my theory for the pandemics real reason.

Let me get Biblical before I stop writing.

The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became like the blood of a corpse, and every living thing died that was in the sea.

A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths.

Do you notice the words sulfur and water turning red like the blood of corpse?

Cause I do. Now don’t go getting all high and mighty and I’m too smart to believe in fairly tales on me. I’m not trying to convince you to become devout and dedicate your life by being born again. Trust me, I’m not.

But something written thousands of years ago is strangely similar to events today. Could it be a coincidence? Yes. Absolutely. Maybe just some hallucinogenic creative writing? Sure. Maybe he was psychic? Or maybe he was just ahead of his time?

Who knows.

Believe what you want to believe.

But at bare minimum, start paying attention. Event’s are being hidden from us. They are being concealed.

Are we in an apocalypse, unable to see the reality that we live in? An apocalypse that people have lived through before and tried to warn us about as best as they could back then?

Apocalypse. We think it means the end of all things, disaster. But it comes from the Greek for “remove” — apo — and from Calypso the concealer, the sorceress who held Ulysses enthralled on her hidden island for two years. To remove that which conceals. To reveal. Apocalypse is a synonym for Revelation.

If it might have happened before, it might be happening again.

If we’ve lived through it before, we’ll live through it again.

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