Asteroid Hazard

The official National Science Council Plan named DAMIEN which stands for “Detecting and Mitigating the Impact of Earth-bound Near-Earth Objects” The plan comprised by the National Science and Technology Council, the Committee on Homeland and National Security, and the Interagency Working Group for Detecting and Mitigating Impacts of Earth-Bound Near-Earth Objects (DAMIEN) (IWG) “builds on […]

The current Cold War between China and America explained. And how China was behind the 2008 Wall Street financial Crash. World War 3 is Coming – Part 11

9-11 happened. Most of the planet mistakenly understood terrorists had struck a blow against Freedom and Capitalism and Democracy. It was time to invade Afghanistan. Yet all of the terrorists were linked to Saudi Arabia and not Afghanistan, that didn’t make sense either. Yet they invaded to find Bin Laden, an ex CIA asset against the Soviet Union and it’s subjugation of Afghanistan. The land in the middle of nowhere in relation to North America and the West. It was barren. A backwater without any strategic importance or natural resources.

The epidemic. The economic shutdown. The Doomsday bunkers. The real reason for all of it is happening in plain sight – Part 9

A while back in the middle of the lockdown I read something that caught my eye. It just seemed strange. Do you remember the reports about that rotten smell in Paris and Britain? Try as I could, I could barely find any information on the smell. And then much later on, while on a totally unrelated search, this caught my attention Another report on the smell, but this one from January 22, 2013, from Paris to Britain, the exact same phenomenon from May 11th, 2020. And another simple explanation in the headline.

Dark Winter Scenario to Solar Minimum Abrupt Climate Change – Part 8

Isn’t it strange how we’ve entered another solar minimum cycle, and the MSM headlines keep assuring us that everything is fine, the sun won’t affect the earth. Don’t believe it for just one second, because if you do, you’re going to keep getting manipulated by their Participatory Propaganda.

Dark Days Ahead – Part 7

The really astute of you will recall the name of the original pandemic scenario THE DARK WINTER.

That’s an odd name, isn’t it? Why not, Pandemic Preparedness Scenario? Or, Preparation for a Pandemic?

Relax, Bill Gates Has Our Back – Part 5

Is it just me, or has the whole world gone insane? Bill Gates is leading the fight against a virus? The same Bill Gates who couldn’t make his computers operating system safe from viruses, is now supposed to make humanity’s operating system safe from viruses.

Rockefeller Connection and World War 2022 – Part 4

If you really want grasp the overall picture, stop looking to the information they’ve publicly disseminated. The obvious information is only verification of a plan’s implementation, not that a plan actually exists. But there is evidence that a plan exists. And this evidence can only be found by digging through scientific research papers.