China, Fauci, & Bill Gates – A Tale of The RONA

China, Fauci, Bill Gates The Rona

Something Happened, because the Oppressors crawled into bed with Harvard chemists and the world’s top computer man who designed the world’s worst operating system, who just happened to be experts in nano-technology and vaccines, and who wanted to vaccinate everyone. Well, you won’t believe what happened next! The Oppressors decided to open a big laboratory in one of China’s biggest cities, called Wuhan, where the Harvard professor occasionally worked. And then someone ate some bat stew or soup or something.

Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science

Like sheep, a majority of Americans went along with the national COVID-19 response, deficient in reliable science and protocols. Even those who knew the response was not only extreme, but unjustified, complied with “I guess sometimes you gotta just wear the stupid,” And even though the relief is starting to sink in that a contagious apocalypse is not upon us, many still suffer needlessly from Corona-phobia.