The phrase the New Normal started back around 2002, but we didn’t even notice.

We’re All In This Together started around 2017, with the Las Vegas shooting.

Now the next predictive programming is starting. This one will probably stay rated lower so we really don’t see it.

Dark Days and Dark Winter. I’ll be right back after these messages from the NWO.

Newspaper headlines: ‘Grim’ economic forecast shows ‘dark days ahead’.

www.mortgagebrokernews.caDark days ahead for Ontario economy.

Travel sector’s sunny turn doesn’t mean there are no dark days ahead. 4 days ago.

Movie theatres fear dark days ahead. 1 week ago.

Newsmax. Boeing Layoffs Could Be Harbinger of Dark Days Ahead. 3 days ago.

India Legal. Migrant Workers: Dark Days Ahead. 2 weeks ago. Lyft results fail to soothe skeptics seeing ‘darker days ahead’. 4 weeks ago.

Trump Throws Shade At Dr. Rick Bright As The Whistleblower Warns Congress Of Dark Days Ahead. 3 weeks ago.

WSIL TV. President Trump warning ‘dark days‘ ahead as stock markets keep. Apr 1, 2020.

PublicSource. ‘Dark days ahead for the city budget’ in Pittsburgh due to the COVID. 1 month ago.

The Guardian. Qassem Suleimani’s daughter warns US of ‘dark days‘ ahead – video. Jan 6, 2020.

Dark Days Ahead? Global Satisfaction With Democracy Hits An All Time Low. Jan 29, 2020.

Investor’s Business Daily. Apple Stock Slides As Bull Sees ‘Dark Days Ahead’ For iPhone Maker. Mar 18, 2020.

Airline Ratings. Air New Zealand unveils reduced schedule for dark days ahead. Mar 25, 2020.

Dark days ahead’ for Europe as Italy’s coronavirus death toll passes 9,000. Mar 27, 2020.

PETER HITCHENS: Don’t be fooled by the sunshine – there are only dark days ahead. 1 month ago.

COVID-19 lockdown: As migrant workers stare at dark days ahead, experts call for urgent relief. 1 month ago.

Belfast Telegraph. As coronavirus death toll rises, Northern Ireland warned of ‘dark days and weeks ahead’. 1 month ago

Hope Is A Risk That Must Be Run— Particularly In Our Darkest Days. Apr 1, 2020 forbes.

In a pandemic’s dark days, these hospice workers found creative ways to bring light. 1 month ago CNN.

Whistleblower Rick Bright to Warn Congress of ‘Darkest Winter in Modern History’. 3 weeks ago.

As U.S. death toll surpasses 85,000, vaccine expert warns of the ‘darkest winter in modern history’. 3 weeks ago. › north-america. ‘Darkest winter‘ ahead for US as jobless count hits 36.5 million – Financial Review

The really astute of you will recall the name of the original pandemic scenario THE DARK WINTER.

That’s an odd name, isn’t it? Why not, Pandemic Preparedness Scenario? Or, Preparation for a Pandemic?


Dark Winter.

Like the current solar minimum we’ve been in and it’s getting worse. The minimum which they’ve started to deny (which the scientific research papers are there on it, but don’t get any attention in the MSM. Which also state the current climate change hypothesis is based on flawed data. Sorry Greta Thunberg) now that it’s getting noticeable (how’s the weather so far, cloudy? It’s because of solar irradiation increasing cloud formation).

The solar minimum is pretty much a guarantee now. A CME is the unknown (hello Solar Observatory Shutdown) but probably a better than likely chance with the renewed focus on the power grid.

There are other potential problems on the horizon (yes folks, as incredible as this seems, this is rapidly looking like a real life Mad Max meets The Day After Tomorrow).

I will write more on this in the coming days. The research is out there. Don’t bother with the headlines and read what they aren’t showing you.

Here’s one guy, amongst others, trying to sound the alarm. › Dark-Wint… Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell: Casey, John L … – Amazon Canada

John L. Casey is a former White House space program advisor, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer.

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