Don’t you find it peculiar how the South Anomaly is moving westward, while the northern dipole is moving eastwards at almost three times the speed of the South Anomaly.

Isn’t it strange how we’ve entered another solar minimum cycle, and the MSM headlines keep assuring us that everything is fine, the sun won’t affect the earth.

Don’t believe it for just one second, because if you do, you’re going to keep getting manipulated by their Participatory Propaganda.

We’re in a great War, and it’s Humanity vs. Nature. And because of this Great War, we can also expect to see World War Three, which has already started. Do you think Trump was an accident? Because he wasn’t. And if you keep looking at this picture as good/bad, then you aren’t going to see the big picture.

The big picture is what it is, and you either see it, or you don’t.

First, let’s check out some of the wording used in present day headlines about the solar minimum and the magnetic field reversal. NASA Says, “Grand Solar Minimum Will Not Cause A Mini Ice Age”.

And now this. Sun lockdown: Is a solar minimum really going to bring famine, freezing temps, and droughts.

And then you read the article. Oh. Global warming will offset the cooling of the solar minimum. Thank god. I liked Frozen and Ice Age, and even Snowpeircer, but I sure as hell don’t want to live in Mad Max: Winter Fury Road.

And you go back to the left right paradigm and relax by fighting with each other.

Because you’ve been told since the beginning that the world is getting hotter. Global warming. It’s your fault. The politicians, NGO’s, Activists, Celebrities, Teachers, and even your neighbors warn you constantly. You’re the reason the polar bears are dying. You’re putting holes in the ozone layer. You’re melting the ice caps. It’s you! And all the scientists are unanimous in their concensus!

There’s only one problem.

They aren’t.

Stop reading the media headlines and search for research papers. You know, the papers that they insist are in the minority (news flash, they aren’t). The papers they claim to be funded by those evil pollution pumping factories (2nd news flash, they aren’t) making products because you wont stop buying things! You’re the problem (but keep buying stuff and keep the economy strong!) and you need to stop now, right now, and listen to us. We’ve done all the reading for you. Do you really think your smart enough to understand the numbers behind the science?

Nope. But I can read, and just because I don’t understand how something works, doesn’t mean that I don’t understand that it’s working when I see it working.

Has anyone noticed the lower cloud coverage and really strange weather lately? I have. So have others on social media.

Let me give you an excerpt from a research paper.

The Solar – Climate Relationship Lower Magnetic Field Strength. Fewer Sunspots. Less Solar Wind. More Galactic Cosmic Rays. More Low Level Cloud Formation. More Sunlight Reflected Into Space. Earth Becomes Colder.

At its simplest, the relationship between the solar magnetic field strength and the Earth’s climate is this: lower magnetic field strength means few sunspots, fewer sunspots means less solar wind, less solar wind means more galactic cosmic rays, more galactic cosmic rays means more low level cloud formation, more low level clouds means more sunlight reflected back into space, which in turn means less heating of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.

Hey! If the earth is about to cool, maybe we should pump more CO2 into the atmosphere?

Implications for the United States

  1. The climate-driven reduction in agricultural production should be planned for.
  2. Coal-fired power generation should be increased.
  3. Coal to liquid fuels capacity should be installed.

If only someone would do this. Wait, hold on, didn’t I read something about coal plants somewhere? Trump ditches sole climate rule that aimed to reduce coal plant pollution.

It’s all connected folks. All of it.

Now you might be thinking, hey, cold sun, so what, I can deal with some cold, right? Man up you little SNOWFLAKE (you didn’t think that term came out of nowhere, did you? It’ll be pretty useful as derogatory term in the future, won’t it?) and deal with it! It’s cold. At least we have food!

Or do we?

The big consequence of this is that it will shrink the growing season. The 2.2 degree decline I am predicting will take two weeks off the growing season at both ends. Next decade will not be a good time to be a Canadian wheat farmer. For farmers further south, farm production will decline but that production will be worth a considerable amount more.

Yeah. Do you know that our foods nutritional value has been in decline? Do you know that nobody really knows why (again, you have to look at research papers, MSM is Big Brother and Big Brother wants to hide the bad news from you) it’s happening?

So we have crop losses and our food is losing it’s nutritional value. And at least Fortress North America has a lot of energy resources and farmland for everyone. Even still, it might be a good idea to, oh, I don’t know, get rid of people who aren’t citizens, just in case this does happen? The Trump Administration Is Rushing Deportations of Migrant Children During Covid-19.

But wont they just try and come back if SHTF? Maybe we should build a barrier or something at the southern border? Trump’s border wall: How many miles have been built?

Oh. Crap. That’s not cool, is it? And you really thought they were deporting low wage immigrants for doing jobs that barely any citizens want to do? Seriously! Always ask yourself, qui bono (who benefits), and if it doesn’t make sense, then you have the wrong reason, plain and simple, there’s always a reason, you just have to ask more questions, like this next one.

Why did they change Global Warming to Climate Change? Wasn’t pollution making the world hotter? Could the entire Anthropogenic climate cause have been misdirection to stop any sort of research into what’s really going on and figuring out that we’re about to get cold?

Yes it was. Because if pollution is causing the Global Warming, then why in the hell are we about to inject sulfur into our atmosphere?

Bill Gates backing plan to stop climate change by blocking out the sun.

This really doesn’t make ssnse, does it? Or does it? Because it makes perfect sense from two scenarios.

First, let me also draw your attention to two other prominent items on this MSN article.

A) a picture of a plane with a trail. Chemtrails Or Skytrails (Depending On Your Point Of View And Knowledge) – Greece.

That’s pretty insulting, isn’t it. Depending on your POV and knowledge. And notice how they actually had the cahonas to change the name from Chemtrails to Skytrails? It’s the same thing!


The polar vortex in the U.S. Midwest and parts of Canada led to an extremely cold wave, with temperatures dropping to below minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 34.4 degrees Celsius) in places. The arctic-chilled air resulted in schools, businesses and offices being shut, and at least 20 deaths were attributed to extreme weather conditions.

Cold weather and Chemtrails, they’ve known about a global cooling for a while, haven’t they?

Back to the New Normal Chemtrails.

  1. They’re trying to control the amount of incoming irradiation causing cloud formation, which would lead to more cooling.
  2. They’re trying to limit the damage from the possibility of a solar flare or CME.

But I thought we were in a solar minimum? Now the sun has turned into a solar flame thrower?


Look folks, there are no 100% scenarios here. At this moment real life doesn’t work like that There are too many variables to compute (isnt it funny that as AI gets smarter, our governments start taking bolder action?), but they are working on probabilities, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say we should be worried.

Look at what they do, not what they say. Read what they don’t publish, like this national security report on abrupt climate change warning about the devastation that a CME or solar flare could cause, which could be worse because of a weekend magnetic field to protect us.

We’re talking about most or all communications systems failing (lets think about Starlink and the new 5G networks being rushed into construction). Medical equipment not working. Cars are useless. Farm equipment doesn’t work (one security paper I read discussed the possibility of up to a 90% mortality rate due to crop losses due to farm machinery failure).

The government monumentally failed when they threw out all that food that we couldn’t eat, didn’t they? You remember, there was just no demand, right?

Why Are Beef Prices and Demand Up, But Cattle Prices Down?


Some ranchers and politicians think price fixing may be afoot.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown all parts of the agriculture industry out of whack. With consumers heading to the grocery store fewer times but buying in bulk, demand for certain basics has spiked. Eggs, for example, are selling like…well, like eggs during a crisis.

Another staple, at least in the United States, is beef, and beef sales are certainly up. But the price of live cattle has, astoundingly, gone down. Given that only a few gigantic companies control the majority of the beef market in the US, some onlookers, including Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), smell something funny. Grassley last week called for an investigation into “potential market and price manipulation, collusion, restrictions on competition and/or other unfair and deceptive practices,” as he wrote in a letter to the Attorney General and Secretary of Agriculture.

Yeah. No demand. Right. Or maybe, just maybe, they’re stockpiling food in case of shortages?

Everything in our world is occurring and has occurred time and time again. Haven’t you ever tried to explain that we weren’t around during the ice ages? Haven’t you been shot down with, this is different, the scientists said so, and they’re in concensus (they aren’t), and you aren’t a scientist, are you?

Yeah. Well. About that.

Take a look at how the IPCC ignored solar minimum periods which led to mini ice ages listed in climate research papers. Look at how the weakening magnetic field starts picking up speed after the industrial revolution, which coincidentally is when they claim global warming started. Look at how our waters are turning hypoxic and killing fish, and how they line up with claims of over fishing depleting the oceans. Did you know that the magnetic field pushes away moisture at the poles that results in our ice caps? Amazing how that lines up with global warming melting the poles, right?

But this is all just nonsense, right? We’re fine. The magnetic fields aren’t flipping, right?

Again, they don’t really know, but it’s starting to look more possible and steps are being taken.

Look at the headlines, examine them. You’ll notice that most of them say, probably, or, might not be. And another word is conspicuously absent, dipole excursion, a term describing what may happen when the field moves around too much. Like now. And how it can just be as bad as a reversal.

Did you know that there are forecasts in abrupt climate change indicating massive food losses in China and Russia? Did you read the Rockefeller Foundation funded paper on the next war called Qualitative Dynamics of Human Empires, and how the next major power struggle for global hegemony will start in 2022? Isn’t it crazy how the USA has surrounded China and Russia, maybe in case they start a war over food?


Nothing to see here folks. Nope. No sireebob is this affecting the climate. It’s us. Greta has told us and we must listen to Greta. I don’t know about you, but I’m anxiously waiting for Grega to explain the earthquakes, volcanoes, the solar minimum, the Milankovitch cycles, and how us powerful humans have seemingly broken forces that we don’t even comprehend yet.

Do you remember the very first Iraqi War over Kuwait? There was a young girl who spoke in front of the United Nations. She cried over those awful monsters from Iraq killing babies by tossing them out of incubators and onto the ground. OMG awful! What barbarians! We have to save them! War!

Except it was all bullshit. She was the Kuwaiti daughter to the USA, living in the U.S, and was acting for a public relations firm.

Just like Greta Thunberg. After all, a kid wouldn’t lie about horrors like that, would they?

Yes, yes they would, when the adults lie to them.

And they are lying.

Global radiation levels are rising because of the weakening magnetic field. As the field weakens it starts a whole chain reaction on earth.

We have started losing our atmosphere.

It starts wrecking and causing havoc with the ozone layer (yes folks, it’s true, it’s not us), and holes appear before the biosphere can repair them (hey, is this why we get more cloud formation, to block the radiation?), just like the ozone layer these days.

Cancer goes up.

Dementia increases.

Agricultural products lose their nutrient value.

Wait, all those are happening, right now!

Yes. They. Are.

But wouldn’t the one percent get ready? If they knew, and you say they do, wouldn’t they build Doomsday Bunkers? Luxury doomsday bunkers: How the mega-rich are preparing for the apocalyse

Or build Doomsday seed vaults?

Erm. Yeah. Thanks Bill Gates.

Ok. Look. I know this is hard to digest. It is for me too. I used to think that Climate change was fake. It was a tactic to control us. But then I started reading during the pandemic and what I found made me wake up. The real Climate Change is being hidden by the IPCC, because they don’t want real mass panic.

Why the sudden push for gun control? Would you really want to be at the start of an apocalypse with an armed population freaking out? An armed population if the grid fails is bad, really bad. Yes there would be a lot of good guys, but look at the riots (can we realize that this is a real life training exercise run by the 1% now?) and how many deviants there are. This is a real social justice issue being manipulated for observation and taken advantage of by criminals.

Hasn’t everything seemed off about this pandemic? Its bad, but not here’s free money and wreck the economy bad, is it? Now ask yourself, wouldn’t a global climate catastrophe be bad enough to not worry about the repercussions? Especially if the virus mainly kills our elderly and those who already have a weakened immune system from a preexisting disease? Aren’t they the kind of people you wouldn’t want around in an end of normal situation?

An end of normal like, animal life dying, just like now (isn’t it odd how there’s a big push on vegetarianism and fake meat, almost like carrying a lot of animals in those fake underground bunkers would be a waste of space? Phew. It’s a good thing we don’t have a rich guy like Elon Musk owning a Boring Company, then I’d really get paranoid), because scientists are worried that we may already be in the middle of a 6th mass extinction.

I’ve told you to forget the headlines and look at what the research publications are saying that they don’t feature online. Articles written for the Department of Defense. Or the recent National Defense Authorization Act.

Let’s look.

Climate Security Advisory Council. The director of national intelligence is instructed to establish a Climate Security Advisory Council that will help intelligence agencies analyze the global security implications of climate change and facilitate the exchange of relevant information across federal agencies. The council’s mandate expires after four years.

Climate resilience. A series of provisions direct DOD to develop or adapt tools for measuring risks associated with climate change and extreme weather, remove institutional barriers that inhibit efforts to increase military installations’ climate resilience, and incorporate costs related to climate change and adaptation efforts into DOD’s annual budget submission to Congress. Another series of provisions modifies DOD facility planning policies to expand their consideration of climate-related factors.

That’s an awful large couple of sections from a President that doesn’t believe in climate change, isn’t it?

But you know, it’s all our fault, and this is our new normal, so, we’re all in this together now and you’re either with us, or against us.

Think about the Sunspot Solar Observatory shutdown. Blackhawk helicopter, FBI, and it closed for a week? Why? A janitor had kiddie porn on his laptop. That’s a pretty big operation for one guy. And guess what happened? Nothing. All the charges were dropped.

Then the sherriff was interviewed.

The closure even caught Otero County Sheriff Benny House by surprise. “Some folks that work at the laboratory called us, asked us if we could send a deputy to stand by while they were evacuating,” House said during a phone interview Wednesday. “All the employees were packing up and leaving.” House said they didn’t get any more answers at the observatory, but staff members told deputies the FBI had been there. “Nobody would give us any information on what was going on,” House said, before the phone call cut out and repeated attempts to reach him again were unsuccessful.

The phone cut out. He couldn’t be reached. Almost like someone was listening and didn’t want him to talk. Did that happen? Who knows?

And then this happened around a year ago or less ago.

Former Otero County Sheriff Benny House took to Facebook on Friday to say he’s been hearing things on the street: “IF ONE HAIR IS TOUCHED ON MY KID OR GRANDBABYS HEAD, YOU BETTER F****** MAKE SURE YOUR RIGHT WITH GOD, BECAUSE HE WILL BE THE FIRST YOU SEE RIGHT AFTER ME,” the post read. He goes on to say it’s “Not a threat, just the way it is.”

Look. That could be unrelated to our sun. Maybe it was just a janitor suspected of being a pedophile. Or maybe the Observatory saw something conforming upcoming events?

Read what they don’t show you to read. Then connect the dots. Authors of these publications come up from one paper to another.

The Dark Winter scenario is partially written by the same man who wrote the Abrupt Climate Change Scenarios and their possible implications to National Security in 2003, a little while after Dark Winter. That first Climate paper was written as a hypothetical. The security papers that followed weren’t.

The Pandemic is already here. The Climate Change has started. The war will be next.

This message not brought to you by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Facebook, Elon Musk, the Rockefeller Foundation, Agenda 21, Agenda 30, and ID 2020.

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