Alphabet Agencies.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

United States Department of Defense

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

National Security Agency (NSA)

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

Sixteenth Air Force (16th AF)

Military Intelligence Corps (MI)

Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA)

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)


“Don’t be evil” is a phrase used in Google’s corporate code of conduct, which it also formerly preceded as a motto. Following Google’s corporate restructuring under the conglomerate Alphabet Inc. in October 2015, Alphabet took “Do the right thing” as its motto, also forming the opening of its corporate code of conduct.

Google restructured to a conglomerate called ALPHABET. And changed their slogan to fit their name.

IN-Q-TEL (CIA) “sold” them Keyhole, now called Google maps.

YOU aren’t using a search engine, the search engine is using you.

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