A while back I posted some information showing how unrelated events can tie back to a central theme, which is preparing of abrupt climate changes and the war that it will bring with it. This was predicated on the amount of literature appearing in National Security papers advocating changing operational changes to military preparedness all based on a paper suggesting that a little ice age will occur as a result of abrupt climate changes.

And I went down the wrong rabbit hole.

I’m not suggesting that we aren’t heading into a new little ice age, because we are. But there’s a problem, we aren’t there yet, and when you look in the right direction, we should have been seeing bigger signs of this LIA occurring by now.

Which leads to a certain possible scenarios.

  1. The Little Ice Age is off schedule.
  2. The LIA advocates are wrong.
  3. Anthropogenic climate change is right, and we’ve thrown off or prevented the LIA.
  4. The LIA science is being manipulated into distracting those of us who actually do research away from the real issue.
  5. A variable has come into play and the drastic measures being taken are in response to the variable.

And what if I told you that scenario number five is our mambo number five that we should dance to? Because it is. And if you start verifying what I’m about to show you, you’ll start to believe it too.

The information is out there, and it’s hidden in plain sight.

Buckle up and strap in, because we are heading into a real life SHTF scenario.

A while back in the middle of the lockdown I read something that caught my eye. It just seemed strange. Do you remember the reports about that rotten smell in Paris and Britain? Try as I could, I could barely find any information on the smell. And then much later on, while on a totally unrelated search, this caught my attention Another report on the smell, but this one from January 22, 2013, from Paris to Britain, the exact same phenomenon from May 11th, 2020. And another simple explanation in the headline.

Now I’m interested. My curiosity is caught and my need to examine is engaged.

And I found nothing. Maybe it was just a couple of weird natural occurrences that made that rotten egg sulfur smell. The kind you smell when you have a really good go on the toilet. The kind of smell that’s followed up with a ton of toilet paper (and if you really want to get insanely paranoid and believe TPTB are messing with us for their amusement, do you remember the world went insane for toilet paper? Things that make you go hmmmm) before you flush? That’s the kind of smell that happened.

And then later on again by accident, I found another headline, and I began to understand something, it’s all hidden in plain sight. Seriously, they can’t censor it or pretend it didn’t happen, so they give a simple explanation and then bury it deep in search results. Even if you do hit upon the subject, it sounds so stupid that you don’t give it a second thought.

But I’m dumb enough not to believe those who are smarter than me, and what I found recently altered my perspective on recent events.

Because the more i became a pitbull and refused to let the smell go, the more the events kept happening. Everywhere. Literally, everywhere in almost every country and every city. Go ahead. Go to your search engine and try it.

Search engine suggestions.

  1. Rotten smell complaints.
  2. Sulfur smell complaints.
  3. Mystery smell.
  4. Mysterious odors.
  5. Strange smell.

Do you remember when I said the information is buried? It is. You will have to type in different variations, different places, anything you can think of, before results start popping up. But they might or might not pop up in the first ten results. If they do, guess what? It’s usually in a place far away from you.

Let me give you a couple big examples.

‘Mysterious’ smell gets up Tehran noses Jan 3, 2019

WMC Memphis residents complain of foul odor Jun 1, 2019

The Denver Channel. ‘It smells like something is dying’: Neighbors in North Denver Jul 10, 2019

‘It’s Disgusting’ | 9 Months Later, The Greensboro Rotten Egg Stench is Back? Jul 16, 2019

www.delawareonline.com | ‘Mystery odor’ stumps officials in Delaware, nearby states

https://www.cbc.ca › ottawa › ri… ‘Rotten egg’ smell wafting from Rideau station, commuters say | CBC News – CBC.ca

All of these reports follow the same pattern with either a simple explanation, or a, we don’t really know, so here’s what might be happening.

Now you can either believe that a smell is miraculously happening all over the planet at the same time is nothing more than a coincidence, or you can wake up and at bare minimum look into it yourself. Be warned though, you have to get very creative in your search criteria to keep getting results.

So what, you might say? Shit smells bad, and I looked and this smell has always been there. Yes it has, it’s natural, it’s a part of our ecosystem. I’m not saying the smell is new, I’m saying the sulfur smell is growing, and if it keeps getting bad they aren’t going to be able to keep it hidden for very much longer.

How long until they can’t keep it hidden if it keeps getting worse? I don’t know. I really don’t.

Why would they keep it hidden?

Because it’s toxic. It will kill you at certain parts per million in the air. Luckily it isn’t that high yet, and maybe this stops, but it’s a good thing that there’s a pandemic happening that can be called outbreaks in case it does get worse. Isn’t it?

Do you have more information that you have linked to this sulfur smell?

Yes. Yes I do. And unfortunately, it’s too much information. And all the obvious evidence is hidden in plain sight.

Is there any scientists warning about this?

NO! And that’s the problem. It’s a HUGE red flag. Why? Because it explains other events that have been happening world wide, events that scientists claim not to understand. They may not understand why it’s happening, but they know what is happening. How do they know? Because it’s happened before in our past.

They call them extinction events. During the end Permian stage extinction event

And wouldn’t you know it, there is a ton of interest in that era from the science community right now.

What caused Earth’s biggest mass extinction? – Stanford Earth.

Volcanic Eruptions Caused End-Permian Extinction, New Evidence Confirms

A Rapid Rise in Temperature Led to the Worst Extinction in our Planet’s History

Salinity changes and anoxia resulting from enhanced run-off during the late Permian

How the “Great Dying” of 250 million years ago may have been caused by a microbe

Sulfur choked sea life during end-Permian mass extinction: study – Cosmos

The Great Dying’: World’s worst-ever extinction event ’caused by UV radiation’

The most devastating mass extinction in Earth’s history happened much faster – ZME Science

Long story short, they really don’t have any idea how the end Permian extinction event happened. But you’ll notice that every theory they have is linked to something presently occurring.

And guess what happened after nearly all marine life vanished and 70% of animals went e extinct?

An ice age.

Is this a precursor? A little extinction event (hopefully) before the little ice age kicks in? As I’ve said before, there seems to be a 2024-2025 date that’s rather prominent in a lot of budgets, and technological timelines. Do they think they’ll know enough by then? Or, is this when the real flattening of the population curve starts so humanity can have enough to survive?

Listen, take this seriously. I will show you patterns as we go that indicate the worst of the sulfur effects are happening the seas and oceans, possibly making the middle northern landmass areas the safest (This is why it’s mainly migratory birds and water life that are dying). I will also show you other geophysical evidence that this is occurring besides the rotten egg smell.

And one last point, there maybe a pattern suggesting that the epidemic wasn’t only orchestrated to cover up future events, but to possibly make any toxic environments worse right away.

And if you’re casually dismissive of this last point, do you remember those videos in China of people suddenly fainting? Do you remember that big cloud of sulfur dioxide that was recorded in the atmosphere above China? The one that was instantly called fake news and attributed to burning bodies (which it wasn’t).

Guess what else can make you suddenly faint when the concentrations are high enough? Hydrogen Sulfide? What if they really saw was actually Hydrogen Sulfide in the atmosphere?

More to come. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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